4 Secret Ways to Buy Anything Up To 80% Cheaper On Amazon

By Mary Jane Lewis,   November 2, 2018
Shopper Savings Guide

If you're like me and 80 million other people, you love shopping on Amazon. You love how safe and trustworthy it is, you love the comparison-shopping features, easy shipping, and their return policies. Honestly, it might be the best online shopping invention of the 21st century.

But I watched a speaker at the annual Extreme Couponing convention on Youtube 8 months ago and she said that “The average Amazon Prime shopper overpays on their purchases by 20% because they don’t use the Amazon discount tools that are readily available before they checkout and pay.”

I immediately thought, “What discount tools? Amazon doesn’t allow coupons?!?”

You see, I’ve been a self proclaimed “Extreme Couponer” ever since I saw the TV show 8 years ago; so I have a very biased view of how to get deals online.

She then laid out 4 secrets hacks she uses to get extreme discounts on Amazon that others don’t know about and I’m going to share them with you…

1. Compare the price on international Amazon sites like Amazon Canada or Amazon Mexico and get as much as 50% off with Exchange Rates

I know, I know. It “feels” a bit un-American to take advantage of international exchange rates, but hey, this is about saving money! First rule of Extreme Couponing is “Feel no guilt…they’re still making money.” Now I’m no economics major but what I do know is Amazon has to price items to match the current economics of the country they are in. Many products are significantly cheaper in international countries than they are in the US due to exchange rates. Take advantage of this by making sure you compare your product on Amazon’s international sites as well. Even with shipping, you can come out ahead of the .com site, if you’re willing to wait a bit longer for the product to arrive.

Shopper Savings Guide

Pro Tip: Shop on Amazon with a Chrome Browser. They have a built in Google Chrome translator into all their browsers that automatically translate the words to English for you. Cool feature!

2. Install Automatic Couponing App on Your Chrome Browser and Save Up To 40% More

Browser coupon extensions that automatically apply discounts is all the rage now. Simply download a coupon browser extension from the Google Chrome store, (the only trusted source for browser extensions), go to the Amazon product page you are wanting, then the extension will automatically notify you of a better price for the same product on amazon. Click the savings button and you can apply it directly to your amazon cart. It's that easy!

The one I love (and am biased to 😁 ) is Piggy. Piggy, Recommended by publications like Time, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo, is a genius browser tool that gained popularity among shoppers for offering automatic coupons & cashback up to 40%. More recently being noted as the most powerful Amazon shopping tool on the net (including tools for Prime Members) that can save you TONS of money.

Piggy will take into account price, sales tax, shipping costs, seller ratings, and Prime status. If savings are found with the same shipping options, a little blue button will show you how much you can save. I’ve found deals from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. -Not bad considering this app is free and it takes ZERO effort.

See example of just how much that saving can be over what Amazon’s listed price with shipping included:

Free Money Saving Tool

Add to Your Browser

3. Prime Shipping May Be Costing You Up to 15% More

Ever wondered, “How is Amazon paying for free 2-Day shipping?” Here’s the answer: they aren’t, you are. It's really “Not So” Free Shipping, they bake in up to 15% more on everyone’s purchase to help pay for it. It's hardly noticed because they negotiate a cheaper price from the manufacturer so overall it “looks” cheaper when you compare it to the suggested retail price, but in actuality you are paying up to 15% more than you have to because they force you into 2-Day shipping when there are much cheaper shipping methods. Check the non-prime sellers of the product and compare shipping options and you will be surprised just how much more you can save overall at checkout cart with other shipping options than 2-Day.

4. Ask The Seller To Sell The Anything Cheaper To You!

To be honest, when she told us this one, I was like “what the heck? How do you do that?” In Amazon, there is a button to ask the seller questions. You’ve probably seen it but paid it no attention when browsing Amazon products, but it says: “Ask the seller a question.” It took me a minute to find the button because I’ve never paid attention to it either and Amazon moves its location all the time because they are always testing page layouts. But this time is so simple, its stupid…

Simply click that button and “ask” the seller if they have cheaper inventory they need to off load to you.

At first, I thought this one was crazy! I mean, who would say yes to that request? Well, to my surprise, many sellers do. Not every one of course, but many had old Anything inventory that wasn’t moving and would love to get rid of the overstocked items quickly to add to their cash flow.

You see, to an Amazon seller, inventory is “dead money.” So to get some liquid cash to keep operating, many sellers are more than willing to give you a 1-time discount if you will buy today.

To enhance your savings, try to get them to create a 1-time purchase page on Amazon and combine your purchase with the Piggy browser app to try and apply additional savings.

Shopper Savings Guide

By Mary Jane Lewis,   November 2, 2018
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