Assorted Electrical Colored Wires

Excellent flame retardant and insulation performance. Soft and flexible, low shrinkage temperature, fast shrinkage, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging. It does not produce dioxin when burning, in line with environmental protection.


$20 Value
  • ♥ MULTIPLE SIZES AND COLORS-Contain any size you may need for anything from a professional repair to DIY work at home, so the shrink tube is very convenient when working with different size wires. You may not use these wire shrink wraps a lot, but when you do, there’s always a size that comes in handy. This heat shrink tubing kit affords a wide variety of sizes and colors, especially the smaller size which hardest to find.
  • ♥ SHRINK QUICKLY, DURABLE and EVENLY-This shrink tube is well made of high-quality material, thick and durable. Cover the area with them and shrinking them with a heat gun, then the wire shrinkwraps will wrap the wire tight and evenly within 10 seconds. With this heat shrink tubing kit you will become more confident in your soldering work.
  • ♥ EASY TO USE-You can just shink the shrink tube with a lighter or hairdryer when you don’t have a heat gun on hand. Of course, if you’d like to use the heat shrink tubing kit more professional, a standard heat gun will be much better lol. The wire shrink wraps are all pre-cut into the most common sizes you’ll need which makes your work a lot faster.
  • ♥ KEEP ORGANIZED-The The heat shrink tubing comes in a nice compact case and the semi-modular container keeps each size separately. There is a color, size and position reference map inside the lid, which better to recognize which size it is. It is easy to know the remaining quantity of the wire shrinkwraps through the transparent box and store the large quantity shrink tubes.


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